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 Carey Kohl
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Are You Tired Of

  • Paying too much money?
  • Submitting your history to find that you can't update or remove it?
  • Having no way to share your treasured family photos?
  • Advertisements and annoying pop-up windows?
  • No human contact for your personal choices?
  • Little to no exposure to meet new cousins and contacts?
  • Inexperienced persons handling your treasured information?

The First Step Is Having Your Very Own
enealogy Home Web Site

Our Purpose

To offer a variety of ways to help you to present your family history and photos on the Internet, whether you are just starting to find your roots or you are a seasoned veteran of hands on research and the Archives. Genealogy Homes will create for you a single web page or an entire web presence. We are dedicated to the idea of providing an affordable solution for your private and public genealogy on the Internet. Most important for us is to make your experience with us, the best on the web.

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